Miami Luxury Real Estate & Interior Design

A capable interior designer is not only able to plan and execute an idea for a given space with an extraordinary eye for detail, but also demonstrates the ability to problem-solve while determining ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of all features. However, an exceptional interior designer, like Rita Chraibi, founder of International Designers, rises to meet such challenges while genuinely capturing the vision and values that make each person and project unique.

The ability to make home décor and architecture beautiful is one thing, but to represent the person behind the ideas with deliberate intention and artistry is another. A client may have a vague picture in mind of how luxury design and interior decorating should look, but may not be sure of the exact pieces and components necessary to pull off a given style. A different scenario would be the client who initially presents a project in great, painstaking detail only to realize it’s beautiful but not be functional. No matter the situation, Rita strives to understand the person behind each project. Her ability to break through barriers and overcome challenges while delivering precisely what a client had in mind, but might not have been able to put into exact words, has made her renowned in the international luxury interior design world. In this sense, Rita consistently offers the utmost care when dealing with all aspects of a project.

Rita Chraibi’s path to luxury interior design and décor began as a young girl in exotic Casablanca, Morocco. By watching her grandmother, one of the leading businesswomen in real estate development in the 1950s, she observed firsthand the magic of transformation. The actions of creating and conceiving of uncommon ideas in the real estate world proved to be rich and fulfilling experiences. Her passion and interest in design were piqued even more when she realized she was delivering on people’s dreams and wishes for residential houses and buildings, as well as luxe design plans in the hospitality industry.

She understands the overwhelming abundance of choices and options when it comes to luxury interior design. Yet, she delights her clients with these possibilities the same way one might feel walking through the ancient medinas of Morocco while surveying the alluring collections of hundreds of various spices. Rita assists her clients with the decision-making process, pinpointing how to make the most of a space, while refusing to sacrifice quality in the same way a French artisan chooses only the finest ingredients to please all the senses.

Rita’s formal training at the prestigious Ecole Camondo for design and interior architecture in Paris, France, coupled with her natural flair for creating sophisticated and elegant styles with her pulse on the latest modern trends, aids her ability to construct masterpieces out of anything. Though a master of her craft, Rita never stops discovering new solutions and options for her clients. Her desire to incorporate the best design principles alongside her developing understanding of how technology is evolving within the field of interior design makes her a lifelong learner of the art form that is interior design. Impressively, Rita is able to find inspiration in both discovered and undiscovered artwork, as well as the natural world. She recognizes how a specific color can evoke a certain feeling, the choice of fabric on furniture design can be both beautiful and functional, and the fusion of different trending styles might offer the right solution.

To be successful in the ever-changing luxury real estate market, while catering to eclectic tastes and styles is no easy task. However, Rita’s ability to surpass expectations as a talented force and emerge as an international figure in the industry, speaks to her ability to devote time, attention, and care to every project. With offices in Casablanca and now Miami, She operates as a collaborator, visionary, artist, and leader in the field who can pivot with the shifts and changes present in the design industry, while never losing sight of classic winning styles.

Showcasing a diverse portfolio of completed projects in Dubai, Morocco, France, and the United States, Rita demonstrates her ability to turn projects of varying shapes and sizes into dazzling, livable creations. Each signature look reflects Rita’s deep appreciation for the self-expression of the arts and how she finds and incorporates the appropriate pieces while remaining mindful of open spaces that best serve the integrity of each room. Rita’s enthusiasm and regard for interior design are refreshing to even those who have been in real estate for decades.

As a professional and creative talent, Rita continues to grace the real estate world with great zeal for helping others realize their potential as co-creators. From North Africa to Europe to North America, International Designers are captivating clients with uniquely designed projects that surpass expectations. Rita’s capacity to execute a panoply of ideas for business and residential purposes proves her strengths can serve any project in the vibrant, sunny paradise of Miami luxury real estate and elsewhere. While Rita wears many hats as an interior designer, she prioritizes the harmony between the needs of her clients and her unparalleled artistic approach to meet both wants and needs. Whether she is assisting a client in visualizing the hidden potential of an empty living room, offering ideas on how to enhance the natural light to achieve a contemporary look in a bathroom, or planning with famous architects, Rita Chraibi embraces all with passion and resolve to deliver perfection.