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The Casablanca office is strategically located; it is here that Rita designs and creates her lines of furniture, and several decorative materials in her Moroccan factories.The proximity to Europe, where she imports internationally renowned brands such as Missoni, Pierre Frey, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lelièvre … These fabrics are used to make handmade furniture. Through her passion for designing, Rita creates uniques models for each project to express the elegance of her style. She exports her creations & designs around the world and that is one of her strengths as an interior designer.



Rita Chraibi has a team of architects and interior designers in her office in Casablanca who, through their passion and creativity, bring to the agency a variety of perspectives on architecture. This is developed by Rita and her team’s of interior designers,  who are able to fully  use the available space.Rita sees the space and perspective of a place and projects herself inside, analyzing and paying attention to every detail.Each project she undertakes forms after a long period of reflection,supported by research into the texture, composition, color, mood, context and history of the space to be imagined and realized the most unique and elegant interior design.


Morocco is a remarkable country for design manufacture. The crafstmen of this country are renowned for their handmade creations. Rita often talks about Yves Saint Laurent, who has always been inspired by this country to design many of his fashion collections : « A lot of great creators have drawn their inspiration from Morocco like Yves St Laurent who designed famous collections : his house in Marrakech was a huge inspiration for him. I believe an interior designer to be intrinsically similar to a fashion designer : he also needs to imagine and create but through craftsmen who can materialize his creation. »