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With over fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry, and as a result
of their success story in Morocco, the founders of ID&IA Casablanca, Rita
Chraibi and Abdeslam El Alami, looked for new challenges and searched new
opportunities to implement their know-how.

After a long and thorough study of the international market, they decide to
invest in the USA, and more particularly in Florida, where real estate business is
booming due to a reliable market as well as cutting-edge technologies in the
construction field.

In January 2018, Rita Chraibi and Abdeslam El Alami found, in Miami, an independent branch of ID&IA, called International Designers LLC (ID). This joint venture will develop quality residential real estate properties in a cost-efficient manner.

International Designers (ID) will gather local talented architects and contractors, around the founders’ common passion for design, to conceive, manage and build residential projects that offer high quality homes for a better living.