Miami Office


Rita Chraibi is one of the most talented Interior Designers with several successful projects in Europe and North Africa. She brings to the United States her culture, designs, style and elegance to make her company, International Designers LLC, a paragon of interior design. Several hotels, restaurants, condominiums, multifamily, luxury houses and private residences have been marked with the seal of the incomparable beauty of Rita Chraibi’s signature style. She has decided to expand her offices to Miami which has undergone a boom in terms of real estate and artistry. The creativity and innovation that has come out of Miami in recent years has motivated her to add her own expertise and perspective to the mix.



“Rita and I have known each other for a while. We have the same vision and both share a passion and desire to create a design environment that is very unique and very socially bonding and develops an atmosphere where people can share their thoughts, philosophies : their lives . Rita is talented, quite sophisticated and cultural in interior design and we saw a great opportunity to collaborate on some unique projects together”.

Kobi Karp


She collaborates with the famous architect, Kobi Karp, on important projects in Miami and in the Middle East. Kobi Karp is one of the most important architects in Miami and has developed a mastery of design over the last 20 years, working with a wide range of project types, sizes, complexities, and budgets. It is through this last quarter century working in warm weather climates that Kobi Karp has garnered international acclaim and been selected to spearhead numerous resort projects. His restoration design techniques have contributed to a renaissance in one of this country’s most cherished areas, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District which is internationally recognized around the world.